Sacred Journey with June

Join June on a special nature walk in and around Redding and Redding, CT
90 minute sessions
Weather permitting
Please call and book your Sacred Journey
Available 7 days a week

While in nature magic can happen!

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and you can’t seem to see your way through life’s challenges it’s time for a Sacred Journey. June will help you to find that special connection within yourself. During our time together you may find the clarity you’ve been searching for, receive a sacred message, and feel natures beautiful healing energies.

June is a Spiritual and Energetic Healer with the ability to intuitively tap into Source to assist you on your life’s path. June is a Motivational speaker and a Spiritual teacher.

These sessions are totally sacred and confidential.

There is always a rainbow waiting for you around the corner.

Schedule your private Sacred Journey with June
Call June: 203-544-8999