Kempo Karate

Testing Fees –  Specific Amount Payment Option

To pay for your testing fee or make a payment of another dollar amount to Sensei June, please use the payment options below.  You may pay through your PayPal account or us a credit card without a PayPal account.

Testing Fees:

Yellow-Orange Belt $50

Purple-Blue Stripe Belt $60

Green-Green Stripe Belt $70

Brown Belt 3rd Degree $80

Brown Belt 2nd Degree $90

Brown Belt 1st Degree $100

Misc Payment – You insert the Amount

Use the payment button below to make a payment for products, classes or other event for the specific amount.  You may select from the options:  Equipment, Class or Misc.  Be sure to include what the payment is for in the “Add a Note” section.  You may use your PayPal account or a debit/credit card.

(NOTE:  PayPal will show your payment as a donation – even though it is a payment for service or product.)

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