Meditation Class with June

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Tuition: $20

Please RSVP: 203-544-8999

Meditation Classes for Adults and Seniors

Meditation is considered the “Fountain of Youth”

The Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation helps memory

Meditation makes the digestive system and other systems work better

Meditation activates the part of the brain that makes you happy

Meditation sharpens and focuses the mind

Meditation melts away stress allowing you to be able to enjoy your life

During our time together, you will experience and learn the benefits of a meditation practice. Our classes will touch upon different types of meditations. Through breathing techniques, gentle body movements and guided meditation you will be brought to and experience a place of peace and relaxation.

June has an extensive background in the Healing Arts and study Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Meditation Classes for Children

In a world filled with sensory (electronic) overload, school, family, peer and friend pressures, children more than ever need to meditate. Meditation helps children to develop their focus and attention, regulate and process their emotions when the world around them seems overwhelming and provides a sense of self and of resiliency.

Although adult meditation is about going within, children’s meditation is about connecting to their senses in order to create focus, self-awareness and calmness.

During this 45 minute class your child will be guided and given tools such as, breathing techniques, gentle body movements and guided visualizations to help them on their journey.