The Ancient Art of Ear Coning


“What do you mean you’re going to put that flaming candle in my ear?” It may look and sound scary, but ear coning is a safe, gentle, non-invasive procedure that I recommend to all of my clients as part of their healthy living plan.

Historically, ear coning has been used in India, China, Tibet, Samaria and Egypt for spiritual practices to cleanse the psyche as well as for health.

This healing technique uses special hollow cones, made from natural cotton and paraffin. The tapered end of this “candle” is placed gently in the opening of the ear canal to create a seal, and the opposite end is lit. As the spiral cone burns down, a gentle vacuum is created. Warm soothing smoke swirls down through the candle and into the ear canal, softening wax and other debris, drawing it into the lower portion of the cone. After both ears have been coned energy balancing is done around the head and shoulders to complete the treatment. The entire procedure takes approximately 45-55 minutes.

Ear coning is not only helpful for ear infections, but is also good for lymph cleansing, sore throat, swimmer’s ear, clearing sinus congestion/infection, and some chronic headaches and allergies. It is an effective preventative measure for stress and pain as well as helped equilibrium and in equalizing pressure when taking off on a plane. Other benefits may include improved hearing, vision, taste, smell, and sharpening of mental functions and color perception.

Ear coning is an intuitive healing art, working deeply at the psychological and emotional level, and bringing balance to the whole body. The benefits are not limited to the ear. This ancient process brings about deep relaxation, and is a soothing, painless and non-invasive therapy from which both children and adults can gain benefit. It is recommended to have two cone sessions done within a month initially and then to have a coning done 4 times a year after that.

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