Distance Healing with June

When you are overwhelmed by life and cannot seem to find the time to nurture yourself a Distance Healing may be the answer! Although you will not be physically present you may receive an absentee healing. Through the power of intention, energy is focused and channeled from Divine Source through us to you. Healing will occur on all levels regardless of distance.

Some Benefits of Long Distance healing are as follows:

**You choose where the healing will take place. You can receive it while in the comfort of your home or sacred space so you can fully relax.

**Sessions are scheduled at an agreed upon time during the day, evening or weekend.

**Healing will take place on all four levels…mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

**You will release that which no longer serves you.

As with any healing, there are frequently asked questions.

Can anyone receive a healing?
Yes, anyone can receive a healing. You, a loved one, a family member, friend or furry friend (pets, animals).

What happens during a healing session?
During a healing session, you will receive a healing on four levels….mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual

Where can this take place?
Healings can take place in your home, nursing home, assisted living, in a sacred space

Does the session have to take place during the day?
No, it can take place at an agreed upon day and time. Appointments can be scheduled during the day, evening, or weekend.

How do I go about scheduling an appointment?
Call 203-431-1999 or email KempsoSenseiJune @ gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Do you speak to me prior to the healing session?
Yes, we will speak to you to obtain client privileged information that may help us during the session. During this time we will go over what you can expect from the healing. We will explain about how you should lie down in a comfortable, safe, sacred space. We ask you to close your eyes, set your intention (what you would like to receive from the healing session) and be still. Try to relax and allow the healing to take place.

How long is a healing session?
The length of a healing session usually runs about 45 to 60 minutes. At times, a session may last a bit longer. This depends if the individual is familiar with healing modalities and/or has questions/concerns.

What happens during a healing session?
When the session is to take place you may go to sleep or remain awake. Allow yourself to fully receive the healing energies. Some individuals see color or people while other sleep.

How will I feel after the healing session?
After each session, we suggest you drink lemon water for several days. This will help to release toxins from the body. Each person has his/her own experience. Many experience a sense of peace and total relaxation. Others may have flu-like symptoms while others say they may do not feel anything. Regardless, the Energy knows exactly what to do, for the person’s soul knows what needs to be healed, and the Energy in its’ own infinite wisdom, knows where to go.

What information will I need to provide so that you can conduct the session?
We would need your birth name and the information you provided during our phone conversations.

Distant Healing is offered for Reiki and/or Rising Star.

For further explanation on the healing modalities please click here for Reiki, click here for Rising Star and click here for Theta Healing.

Schedule your Distant Healing Session
Call June: 203-544-8999 to schedule your appointment.


What others are saying…

I had been consumed by work for weeks and weeks and was exhausted both physically and mentally when I received a long distance healing with June and Tracy. When the healing began I could see light beings on both sides of my body holding the space for healing. A song titled “Eagle Feather” that I sang in choir in high school 35 years ago began to hum in my ears and I heard Native American drumming. I noticed my Protector Guide, Chief Running Bear, circling me and the group of angelic beings – he was drumming and chanting. I breathed in the healing energies and drifted off to sleep.

I fractured my ankle last year and had been working at the computer for hours on end resulting in trouble with my wrists so I asked for healing in those areas. While I slept June and Tracy focused on these areas as well as followed the guidance of their guides to other areas. I received relief for both wrists and my ankle. During the healing session stagnant energy of stress that had been blocking the joy in my life was also released.

When I woke, it was as if I was coming back from a long distance trip of relaxation even though my physical body had not left the room. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my body and I could breathe so much easier! Funny thing was I didn’t realize how hard it was to breathe until I experienced the healing!

Before the healing session I was exhausted and tense after a full night of sleep. After the healing session not only did my body feel rested, but the exhaustion was gone from my thinking and I felt balanced – fully rejuvenated and excited about living my life!

The long distance healing session with June and Tracy was a magical experience with long lasting affects.

~ Kate Large, Colorado